Life Style Management

Diabetes as rightly said is a ‘Silent Killer’. It kills before one knows. Complication of Diabetes surpasses more beyond the patient’s well being. These complications have a severe impact on various organs such as Eyes (Diabetic Retinopathy), Kidney (Diabetic Nephropathy), and Nerves (Diabetic Neuropathy), Heart Diseases. These complications can be prevented before they occur but cannot be reversed once they happen.

Treatment of diabetes involves a structured diabetes care & is not merely restricted to a single prescription. The effectiveness of treatment involves a holistic approach and a structured plan. This plan would involve equal and effective contribution of Lifestyle Modification as well as a positive outlook towards the treatment. Lifestyle modification is a vast umbrella which covers various aspects including Diet Modification, A planned exercise regimen, Avoidance of tobacco use in any form, Moderation of Alcohol, Stress Management etc.
A diabetic needs to understand the importance of each of these aspects well so as to give 100% towards the treatment. One also needs to understand that the absence of any of the above mentioned would act as a hindrance in efficient treatment.

In order o achieve optimum results, annual & regular screening tests play an important role. Blood / Urine investigations are done annually to rule out any abnormalities in various organs like Kidney, Liver etc. these tests would further help in evaluation &treatment of any abnormalities as well. HbA1C test is to be carried out once in every 3-4 months depending upon the glycemic targets and goals. This test is available at Poona diabetes Centre (Diagnostix) Lab and is performed on Bio Rad D-10 by HPLC method. This test does not require a fasting state and the report is generated immediately. Lowering down the value of HbA1C from the baseline value to 6.5 -7% and then maintaining at this point for a long duration is the main target..

Thus Lifestyle modification plays a very important role in achieving this target. Thorough and compassionate Diabetes Education is imparted at Poona Diabetes Centre to ensure meeting treatment goals. Complete education about the various complications and their prevention is given to the patient. Relevant special skills such as Foot Care, Insulin Injection Technique, Hypoglycemia Awareness and Management etc are also imparted to the patient for their well-being.